It's enough that you've been mine
loved me from your soul within 
you carry my mark in your being 
Traces of my lips and love upon your skin

It is not easy to forget. I know
Im not trying to forget you, no ...
Love does not die just like that
Always, always, always… 
I will wait for you 

and Although we love. 
In this life where...
Our love ... Oooh ...
Our love ... Oooh ... 

I love you, I swear
And although you don't say it anymore, I know,
You love me deeply
As much as I love you ...

You can take my name right now
Without erasing me from your mind
Because as the years pass by you keep
the memory of me deep inside

If there is another life after this
Do not forget me
I'll be there to make you see
That ours always was oooh 
Pure love .....

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